Selling a home can be stressful. It’s one of your biggest investments and also a place with memories and emotions attached to it.

We have a process to make it simple and stress free for you, while ensuring that you get the most amount of money with the least hassle.

Step 1

We start with a short conversation either in person or over the phone where you answer some basic questions about your home like how many bedrooms and bathrooms, your reason for moving, any updates or remodels.

These questions are meant to see what your motivation is for selling and what the current condition of the house is in.

Step 2

We’ll then give you a prelisting brochure that has information about us, our company, the marketing plan for your home, and other documents.

Step 3

I’ll come to your house and take a quick walk through of the house. We’ll talk about any renovations you’ve done and discuss ways that we can improve the house for the showing.

We’ll also talk about the timing of the sale. Sometimes people are moving for jobs or to be closer to family. We’ll talk about a realistic time table for selling the house to get you where you need to go.

Step 4

One of the most important steps is pricing your home. Price the home too high and you’ll be on the market for a year or more, price the home too low and you leave money on the table.

I’ll prepare a detailed market analysis that shows you prices of homes recently sold that are comparable to your house.

Once your comfortable with a price that will help sell your home, we’ll begin our marketing plan and get your home sold for top dollar in no time.