Your home is one of the biggest purchases you’ll make in your lifetime. We’ve developed a process that makes easy for you.

When considering buying a home, we want to eliminate any worries. This process is meant to eliminate any fear of paying too much for a home, missing out on seeing available homes on the market, or buying a “lemon”.

Step 1

We have a face to face meeting. Buying a home requires a team effort, and we want to makes sure we’re all on the same page.

You and I will meet so that I can hear what you’re looking for in your new home in Jackson Hole. We’ll talk about past homes you’ve owned, and how you’d like the process to go.

Step 2

We’ll then give you a buyer packet that has everything you need to purchase a home, including local maps, websites, information on closing costs and mortgages, as well as an agency brochure.

Step 3

We’ll create a funnel to make sure we view every available home that might fit your needs.

We use a process of elimination to narrow down the search process to homes that are right for you. This process is to ensure you don’t miss out on any homes.

We’ll start with hundreds of homes, then narrow it down to 20-30, then try to find your top 3 homes. These top 3 can always be replaced at any time.

After we find your top 3, we run a comparative market analysis to make sure you pay the right price for your dream home.

Step 4

Everybody has a different idea of what kind of home they want, especially if you’re looking with your spouse. At this step we’ll talk about what features and benefits you’re looking for.

Step 5

At this point we’ll talk about financing your home purchase. We work with the best lenders in the business and can point you in the right direction should you need a home loan.

Step 6

We’ll set up times to see your top 3 homes, and when we find one you can see yourself living in we’ll prepare to go to contract and negotiations.