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How to Sell Your Vacation Home

The Guide to attracting buyers, closing quickly, and selling for more. 

Jackson Hole Real Estate Agent Shares The Top Secrets

If you are planning to sell your vacation home, this is the book for you. Learn how to attract buyers, close quickly, and sell for more money.

Peter Moorman covers the "insider" tips that most real estate agents do not want you to know. You will avoid the pitfalls, time wasters, and, most importantly, you'll get your home sold for top dollar.

"It definitely increased my personal knowledge and also will help me keep my real estate agent accountable. Get this book if you want the whole process simplified so you can understand the overly complicated language of real estate. Like how The Big Short helped people understand the complex Wall Street mortgage terms, but without Steve Carell and Brad Pitt."
A. Schutte
"Really solid advice here on how to sell your vacation home and avoid common pitfalls. There are quite a few surprises, I certainly learned a few things in this book. I like how the author also adds timelines and pricing strategies so you can get a realistic ballpark and assess accordingly. Excellent tax considerations to keep in mind and a helpful glossary at the end makes this topic easily relatable."
"Our vacation home is a personal residence owned by a Limited Liability Company. This book is a great resource for answering numerous questions related to tax considerations for selling and reinvesting in real estate."
S. Kathy
"The value in this book is in the anecdotal explanations of somewhat complex ideas and situations. Very well written. I immediately have ideas to implement into my real estate business."